How organisations access technical capabilities is changing…

We acknowledge this disruption, recognise the technical complexities, and have the vertical-specific experience required to support our clients and tech communities.

This website provides information and vacancies from our Canadian FinTech division. To explore our work in the UK select the flag icon below.

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57,370 Number of Times we Spoke to Canadian Candidates in the Past 12 Months
80+ Number of technologies & languages supported in 2018
109,440 Number of Hours Worked by Contractors in the Past 12 Months
4 years Average Tenure of Caspian One Canadian FinTech Consultants

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Why is the demand for flexible working on the rise in Canada?
For today’s workforce, the strict demands of the 9-to-5 no longer appeal; with more and more people finding value in flexible working hours, remote work, custom working arrangements and compressed work weeks....
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How to identify your key strengths - and present these successfully! An article addressing typical mistakes made when explaining key skills at interview - and how they can be overcome. Read on...
We took to the slopes!
At Caspian One we started this year with a celebration of 2018’s successes - taking our top achievers on an incredible trip to Morzine, France for a few days in the mountains. Learn more...
Caspian One Awards 2018
Whilst we celebrate the successes of people within our business all through the year, by far the most acclaimed event is the Awards Ceremony - held in December at The Hilton Hotel in Bournemouth. Read on for 2018's winners...
UI/UX - Market Snapshot
UI/UX 8.0 > A snapshot of the market with commentary from Ryan Hughes. An eight point review of market conditions, trends, skillsets, locations and more. Read or Download now.
Being Me, Not Mum: Returning to Work
Today we address one of the more prominent issues affecting equality; not just for women in tech, but men and women across all industries. Family... and balancing the roles of both parent, and career professional. Read on >