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Principal Consultant ryan.hughes@caspianone.com +1 (416) 800 2171
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I aim to always be transparent, responsive and honest (even when interview feedback really isn't good). I have found that my resilient and persistent nature shows what to expect from me from the outset, coupled with a friendly and personable approach. I try my best to keep on the ball with the ever-changing frameworks of JavaScript, and things like running an Angular.io LinkedIn group helps me by enabling me to read and (try to) understand developments of the framework.

My Latest Vacancies

Up to $120k+ total comp
I'm looking for a Senior or Lead Developer (you don’t need previous lead experience), to join a Backend Lead and Product...
Up to $110k+ total comp
Opportunity for a Full Time a Senior JavaScript Developer In the Old Port of Montreal. (open to Intermediate)
Up to $100k + bonus
This if the chance to work at a great award winning Product Company in Downtown Montreal, who offer flexible working hou...
Up to $90k + market leading benefits
A chance to join a growing team working on extremely complicated Digital Signage Systems. Working with some of the bigge...
Up to $100k + market leading benefits/bonus
A chance to be a Tech Lead on a team working on extremely complicated Data Analytics/Visualisation challenges!
Up to $105 per hour +
Looking for a Senior Angular4/6/Java Full Stack Developer, with a Front end focus. This is a brand new growth hire to wo...

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