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QA / Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing leads. These preventative experts work alongside Project Managers Business Analysts with an Agile methodology, ensuring that procedures and implemented, identifying errors and defects, while developing efficient and progressive automated testing systems.

Our specialists have established networks throughout the QA & Testing communities, consisting of both employers and job seekers. Our recruiters handle both permanent and contract positions -- find out more about them below.
Danielle Gray
I joined Caspian One in 2012, working from our office based on the south-coast of England. Going from the town I grew up into the bright lights of NYC, the dynamic metropolis of Toronto and the diverse city of Montreal, I feel truly lucky to have witnessed so much growth in the FinTech markets I work in, as-well-as playing a part in our clients' success. Recruitment really is a way of life, and you get out what you put in! For me, it doesn’t get old – each day is different, each challenge is different, and with the right attitude, knowledge and dedication along the way it becomes a career to be proud of.
Ryan Hughes
I aim to always be transparent, responsive and honest (even when interview feedback really isn't good). I have found that my resilient and persistent nature shows what to expect from me from the outset, coupled with a friendly and personable approach. I try my best to keep on the ball with the ever-changing frameworks of JavaScript, and things like running an LinkedIn group helps me by enabling me to read and (try to) understand developments of the framework.
Lauren Harvey
I have found that one of the most important factors to being successful in recruitment, is to have a genuine active interest in the vertical you work in. I think my candidates and clients enjoy working with me because they know I have taken the time to understand the Java language, including the technologies and principles that go hand in hand. I stay up-to-date with upcoming releases, the differences between them, and the effect this will have to development on a daily basis. This has enabled me to understand, meet and exceed hiring expectations on both a contractual and permanent basis - building open, honest and trusting working relationships between my candidates and clients.

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