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Montreal , Quebec , Canada
up to $118k DOE + Benefits
looking for a Senior Cloud administrator (AWS) to join a fast-growing SaaS Operations team and actively contribute to my...
Montreal , Quebec , Canada
up to $110k DOE + Benefits
Strong DevOps Engineer needed to join a brand-new fast-growing DevOps team with opportunity the lay down the foundation ...
$95ph DOE
Working within the Risk team of a major investment bank in Toronto you will be working on a regulatory project to ensure...
$85ph DOE
A 6 month initial contract working within the Market Risk IT division of an investment bank in Downtown Toronto working ...
Montreal , Quebec
up to $115k DOE + Benefits
DevOps Engineer to join R&D team, all about Cloud Computing and Open Source technologies.
Montreal , Quebec
Up to $120k (DOE)
My new client are urgently looking for a Senior Java Developer to join a brand new team, working on Fraud Prevention wit...
Toronto , Ontario
$83ph DOE
The chance to work within Credit Risk IT balancing development, using Spark on an established Hadoop platform and Java S...
Up to $90k + bonus
This if the chance to work at a great award winning Product Company in Downtown Montreal, who offer flexible working hou...
Up to $80k + market leading benefits
A chance to join a growing team working on extremely complicated Data Analytics/Visualisation challenges!
Up to $100k + market leading benefits/bonus
A chance to be a Tech Lead on a team working on extremely complicated Data Analytics/Visualisation challenges!
Up to $100k
I'm looking for a Senior Level Software Developer, with an emphasis on Web Development.
Montreal , Quebec
Up to $100k DOE
I'm looking for a dynamic, fast-paced Core Java Developer to join an FX team based in downtown Montreal
Toronto , Ontario
Up to $85 per hour DOE
Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of Capital Markets? My client are looking for a Senior Java Developer to ...
Montreal , Quebec
Up to $120k (DOE)
If you're interested in working with Big -Data & Machine Learning technologies, and have extensive Java experience my cl...
Up to $85 per hour
This is the opportunity to work on an Enterprise Derivatives Application.
Montreal , Quebec , Canada
up to $100k DOE + Benefits
Looking for a DevOps Engineer to join a fast-growing AI And Big Data tech house to drive forward the and define new DevO...
Toronto , Ontario
Up to $90 per hour DOE
Are you interested in working within Capital Markets on solutions for a highly complex Derivatives trading desk? Wanting...
Up to $130k total comp + 25 days Vacation + Full Extended Benefits
Looking for a Full Stack Developer, to focus on the ReactJS. The successful candidate needs to be confident to face off ...
Montreal , Quebec , Canada
Up to $85 per hour DOE
Are you a Senior Java Developer interested in expanding into a variety of new technologies? I'm looking for a detail ori...
Rate DOE
Back-end developer required to work in a Capital Market Risk IT team with a focus on the banks pricing engine, data mani...
$60,000 - $75,000 + Bonus + Benefits
Intermediate C# .Net developer required to work in a front office team building pricing and risk applications. Financial...
A genuinely rare opportunity for someone looking to move out of a Larger Org/Bank, and work in the Finance Risk Manageme...
Up to $110k+ total comp
Opportunity for a Full Time Intermediate or Senior JavaScript Developer In the Old Port of Montreal.
Up to $105 per hour +
Looking for a Senior Angular4/6/Java Full Stack Developer, with a Front end focus. This is a brand new growth hire to wo...

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Development / Management

A wide scope of roles and needs and an expanding range of technologies and languages have made the role of Developer highly sought-after -- particularly for Developers with niche skills. Languages such as Java, C++, C#, and Python are most popular but Developers with functional programming experience in eTrading and front office environments are often at the top of our clients' wishlists.

Most of our specialists work within this sector -- supporting a broad range of languages and business areas. Find your Development consultant below.
Danielle Gray
I joined Caspian One in 2012, working from our office based on the south-coast of England. Going from the town I grew up into the bright lights of NYC, the dynamic metropolis of Toronto and the diverse city of Montreal, I feel truly lucky to have witnessed so much growth in the FinTech markets I work in, as-well-as playing a part in our clients' success. Recruitment really is a way of life, and you get out what you put in! For me, it doesn’t get old – each day is different, each challenge is different, and with the right attitude, knowledge and dedication along the way it becomes a career to be proud of.
Paul Samuels
I joined Caspian One in the summer of 2011 and have worked with various clients ranging from Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Pension Plans right through to FinTech start-ups. Each of these clients have different complexities, needs and wants which has provided me with fantastic opportunities to understand their businesses, requirements and allowed me to deliver high calibre candidates into these organisations. I enjoy working directly with delivery teams right through to Directors, VP’s and Stakeholders. My hustle, drive, and enthusiasm has allowed me to become a success whilst meeting some amazing people along the way.
Ryan Hughes
I aim to always be transparent, responsive and honest (even when interview feedback really isn't good). I have found that my resilient and persistent nature shows what to expect from me from the outset, coupled with a friendly and personable approach. I try my best to keep on the ball with the ever-changing frameworks of JavaScript, and things like running an LinkedIn group helps me by enabling me to read and (try to) understand developments of the framework.
Lidia Gennaro
Being a member of Caspian One's Canadian recruitment team has taught me that it is possible to have fun at work when you're doing what you enjoy. I think that's why I have strong relationships with my candidates; I have a genuine interest to find out what makes them happy. Not only from a technical perspective but also understanding the responsibilities and interests outside of the working day to make sure they are making the right career choices. My meticulous approach enables me to understand clients and candidates needs with a human touch.
Lucas Fabri
Since joining Caspian One I have learnt that recruitment is about much more than simply matching a skill-set to a job spec. It's about building trust and relationships with clients and candidates alike. Being transparent and keeping everyone informed throughout the process is key to this, but for me, it all starts with actively listening from that first phone call or exchange. Being bilingual has been a great advantage.
Stephanie Nicholls
I'm a member of Caspian One's North American FinTech division, with my main technological focus being Java development. Since joining I've experienced how important it is to fully understand your market, and what your candidates and clients' needs are. An aim of mine is to continuously build my network, as every new candidate and client you work with brings with them important knowledge on the current market. The more you know, the better you are at helping those you work with!
Mark Todd
The area of recruitment I specialise in is Java, from intermediate levels to senior, the roles include both contract and full-time positions within the FinTech area. I got into recruitment after I learned that I really enjoy helping people grow and develop. I thought the best way to do this was to help people find the jobs they really want. I’ve done a bit of travelling since I left university, visiting many places in Europe, as well as spending time travelling the length of Vietnam before I started at Caspian One. This provided me with an appreciation of life and to take your opportunities when they become available. I believe recruitment consultants should always treat their candidates with respect and provide an enjoyable journey for whoever they are working with, putting them at ease and providing constant support to help people achieve their goals. Sometimes finding the right role can be hard to find and with people living busy lives, recruitment plays a big part in helping people achieve their goals.
James Aspin
I specialise in placing Java developers into intermediary and senior, permanent and contract opportunities across Toronto. Recruitment takes time and persistence; the challenge is not finding a role for a person but finding the right role – it’s not easy but that’s what makes it so fun and rewarding. Being a member of Caspian One’s North American FinTech division is the opportunity of a lifetime. Being part of a team that enjoys what they do has not only been fun but also very rewarding, and ultimately has made me better at my job.
Marcus Graziano
In the late 90’s I witnessed first-hand, poor recruitment practices that lacked integrity and created negative stereotypes of our industry; which we’re still overcoming even today. It was seeing this behaviour which inspired me to create a business that would stand out for its high values, whilst being a reflection of my personal beliefs and aspirations. In 2001 I brought Caspian One to life, having identified a niche in the financial technology space. I originally started with a just small group of handpicked consultants, and over time we've organically grown to the 50+ employees organisation we are today.
Dominic Bennett
Through hiring the right people and providing hands-on mentoring, I’ve helped people rise through the ranks at Caspian One and create for themselves, satisfying and worthwhile careers to be proud of. Additionally, as key architect of our overall sales structure, I’ve also played a core part in Caspian One’s total growth to-date.

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