Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll be aware of the hype surrounding the rise of robots, AI, machine learning, and automation. More and more every day, these technologies are being implemented...
There was a time when sending a cover letter was simply an expected tradition alongside your CV - to not send one would be unthinkable....
This April, we’ve celebrated individual performances and successes across the whole business - with a target-achievers incentive day, two senior promotions and a fantastic financial year kick-off event...
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We have a range of reports, guides, and advice that are designed to provide you with our knowledge and industry insights and help job seekers increase their attractiveness to employers. Use our expertise to help improve your resume, find out which trends are currently shaping the FinTech market, and more.

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Knowledge Hub

Guide Series | How To Write Your Resume
Accurately representing your experience, skills, and personality on paper, can often be more difficult than necessary. To make this process easier, we've broken down the most important factors in good resume writing, into simple, actionable steps.
Caspian One Resource | Clients fact sheet
Relationships underpin everything we do. We take an active interest in the people we work with -- their career or hiring needs and the industry communities that bring us all together. Learn more.
A-Z Of FinTech & Recruitment Trends 2018 - Caspian One
2017 has been a whirlwind year for the world of FinTech. From cryptocurrencies taking a dramatic upwards trajectory, to global investment in FinTech companies hitting $8.2 billion in Q3 and Blockchain technology continuing to extend its industry reach...