Christmas at Caspian One πŸŽ„


Clients are harder to contact... phones are ringing out... more and more emails are being followed by an 'out of office' autoresponse... It can mean only one thing;

It's the last week before Christmas! 

At Caspian One we're incredibly excited for 2018's holiday season, having started our celebrations last Friday with our annual christmas jumper day.

We always use this event to fundraise for charity, and this year we decided to support causes closer to home; collecting financial donations for Bournemouth's Basket Brigade, along with food, toileteries and clothing donations for local homeless charities including the BCHA.

The Basket Brigade was selected for it's work supporting people close to the poverty line across our local community - with their mission being to create fresh produce baskets for familys of four, that will feed them on Christmas day as-well-as the days before and after. It's a charity that's close to Rachel Sumner and Katie Roberts of Caspian One, both of whom will see our donations in action on December 22nd when they'll be helping create these care packages for delivery.

Our choice to also support the homeless charity BCHA was driven by Adam Vipond and Nicky Marcelin-Horne of Caspian One, along with various members across all our teams who witness daily the hardships of people living on the streets this winter. The food and toileteries were donated on Friday to the charities St.Pauls office in Bournemouth, to then be immediately shared out to people in need; clothing was also delivered to the Salvation Army, and our Nicky will be helping with meals for the homeless this Christmas eve. 

Caspian One offices will be closed over the holiday period, between December 22nd and January 2nd. Our email accounts and communication channels will continue to be monitored, but please understand there may be a slight delay in response.

Below you can view pictures from Friday's festivities, or why not try clicking the present at the top of this page...


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