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The Caspian One Academy

 Something we take pride on here at Caspian One is the training and development of our recruitment consultants. So, with our most recent new recruits a couple of weeks into their Academy training we thought we’d explain exactly what it is that makes our program so successful.

Split between ‘classroom’ and desk training, everything is broken down into easy-to-digest chunks. We don’t aim to swamp you with information and then chuck you in the deep end, but we do believe a structured route into your new careers means mutual success! We teach everything from the basics of recruitment to networking, candidates, CVs and more. The Academy has proven to kick start highly successful careers here at Caspian One, no matter what level of experience you have.

Once through the Academy training, there are many opportunities for training and development during your career with Caspian One. We believe in giving people the right tools to do the job, and are always around to support, develop and celebrate our consultants.

If you are a motivated and passionate individual, then please do get in touch with us. We are looking to hear from you! Email Peter or phone him on 01202 979 708 to find out more.