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Professional Networking

 We ended last week's Academy training learning about the power of networking. This week, we go into more detail on this, as well as how to build and maintain personal reputations.

As a team of consultants, having a candidate or client trust you is one of the most important things, so building a valued and respected personal reputation is key. We discussed ’Hot Candidates’ – those who are in high demand due to skills, experience or qualifications, and the six degrees of separation. This helps us map out our networks with ease, and see who knows who in the industry.

We spoke to Grace Mwakisunga about this week, hear what she had to say below!

Being an in-demand candidate is great. It’s even better when you have a recruitment consultant who is well-poised to land you your dream job. You may be in demand for many reasons, perhaps your skill set is a rarity in your industry or you have knowledge and experience to utilise. We love finding the best role for you– a workplace you will enjoy and thrive in, and a well-suited company culture. Luckily, our clients also love hot candidates. They fill those pesky roles that have been sat, untouched, for months due to a lack of perfectly suited candidates. They may also provide valuable experience to current teams.

This week, our new recruitment consultants learnt how to use social media to source these candidates, how to grab and keep their attention, and the different approaches needed for in demand candidates. We also went through the importance of tracking industry employment trends, and the fact that ‘Hot Candidates’ can change for each role, depending on location, the economic climate and the business itself.

Once we’ve found exceptional candidates, we like to build lasting relationships. We make sure that our consultants position themselves as a valued, trusted members of a candidate’s professional network. Our team rely on these networks to fill roles and make introductions or recommendations, and as such it’s important for us to go through the six degrees of separation. Discussing this helped with the next task set, mapping out personal and professional networks. We asked our new consultants to map out their own networks, and analyse them to see where the links are between their professional and personal connections.

It’s common within our industries to see candidates follow each other into (and out of!) companies or make hires based on previous working relationships, directly or indirectly. Although this isn’t anything new, understanding why this happens, what motivates the moves and how we can support our candidates in making the leap is crucial to be a consultant at Caspian One.

Once we have our network of skilled, knowledgeable candidates we can fill those last-minute, urgent roles with ease.

We spoke to Grace to get a better idea of what the team went through this week. Grace has previous resourcer experience and interviewed at Caspian One after a colleague recommended us. That colleague was Nathan Keighley, another of our Academy recruits, which just goes to show that candidates do move together!

What did you go through in the Academy training during week four?What have you enjoyed most?

In week four, we covered networking, generating interest and the six-degrees of separation. We talked about how candidates will often have their own extensive networks within their industries, and how they can help lead us to more people like themselves. I’ve really enjoyed having conversations with candidates as they often have a huge amount of industry knowledge, and it’s great to get to the bottom of why they want to move and what they are looking for in their next role.

Why did you apply for the job at Caspian One?

I worked with Nathan previously, who told me he had been for an interview at Caspian One. He suggested I got in contact with Peter, because I was also looking for a new challenge. I wanted to stay within recruitment, and as a resourcer moving to a consultant was the next step. He told me a few things that had been mentioned in the interview, and what Caspian One specialises in, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

What are your aims for your Caspian One career?

I’d like to reach Principal Consultant level. I want to be really good at what I do and I am determined to work hard to achieve it. There’s a lot of hard work involved, but the end goal is worth it!

What motivates you?

For me it’s the little successes, such as having a really good call with a candidate, or even better, getting a referral the conversation because the candidate feels comfortable talking to you, and you've started to build a good relationship with them. The incentives such as the annual ski trip and commission structure are also great motivators to work hard.

What do you like so far about Caspian One?

I like the people. Everyone is really helpful, and the training process we are going through is really in-depth, making sure we cover all areas of recruitment before going onto our teams. Also, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying the beer fridge makes a great end to the week!

Next week we will be speaking to Lauren Harvey about the importance of caring for our candidates after we have made the placement, and how she came to work at Caspian One. If you want to learn more about our internal training academy, get in touch with Peter Kiddle on 01202 979 708!