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5 best practices for Skype interviews

  Cloud communication is on the rise. As the digital landscape continues to make the world we live on smaller, so does it increase the opportunity... more

Should you exaggerate (lie) on your CV?

“If you don’t want to slip up tomorrow, speak the truth today” — Bruce Lee            ... more

Contracting vs Permanent - Who has it better?

This truly is a question for the ages. Is life sweeter for independent contractors with higher earning potential and an increased work-life flexibility;... more

Caspian One Welcomes...

This August we’re excited to introduce Steph Nicholls, the latest addition to our North American FinTech department. Steph applied for a role with... more

The Caspian One Academy

 Something we take pride on here at Caspian One is the training and development of our recruitment consultants. So, with our most recent new recruits... more

Professional Networking

 We ended last week's Academy training learning about the power of networking. This week, we go into more detail on this, as well as how... more

How to | Prepare for interview presentations

For some they are a necessary evil, for others they are an exciting opportunity to showcase skills and abilities; either way if you’re interviewing... more

Searching and Networking

 Having a solid network of colleagues, candidates and clients is vital to success as a recruitment consultant. Our interview process for the Academy... more

Candidates and the CV

 This week our new recruitment consultants got to grips with some of the most important aspects of their roles; candidates and CVs. More than just... more

Top-Tips for 2016

 In the ‘New Year, New Job’ frenzy, it can be easy to get caught up in the hype of job hunting. Here are some of our best ideas for beating... more
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