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6 reasons to offer competitive employee benefits

If your intention is to compete for top tier FinTech candidates, simply offering a competitive salary package may no longer be enough.   In Canada... more

How do you leave a job on good terms?

The temptation to resign in style can be overwhelming.   While not all of us have the charisma to pull off an epic resignation like the individual... more

Guide to successfully negotiating salary packages

It’s inevitable.   At some point along the road to securing that new job, you’re going to be asked about salary expectations. It could... more

How can promotions assist with tech staff retention?

A decade ago the UK went through the greatest financial crisis of modern times.Everyone you spoke to along with the media, was telling us we’d soon... more

Should developers work with a recruiter?

  I recently found an article on LinkedIn which outlined a conversation between a former IT recruiter and a .NET developer - eye-catchingly titled “Why... more

Are you a work hoarder? - The art of delegation

For some people the concept of delegating tasks to others is daunting. For many senior level business professionals the preference is to overwhelm themselves,... more

Where can tech professionals cowork in London?

As the fashion for flexible, remote working continues to gain momentum, today’s big businesses are rapidly being drawn to the coworking movement... more

5 Problem solving interview questions for technologists

Back in the earlier days of the internet, heavyweights like Google and Facebook adored using brain teasers within their interview processes. The belief... more

Top tips for overcoming skill shortages in FinTech

The battle between skill requirements and the number of capable individuals available to meet those needs, has always existed. In many ways this balance... more

Quick Guide: Dealing with employee conflicts

When you put a large collection of personalities in one office, the reality is that at some time or another, conflicts will arise. How you handle these... more
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