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How to audit your social media in three steps

How many social media accounts do you have?   Active now, maybe you’ve got a Facebook profile and LinkedIn, possibly Instagram, Pinterest... more

Do you still need a cover letter?

There was a time when sending a cover letter was simply an expected tradition alongside your CV - to not send one would be unthinkable. However in... more

What are the qualities of Great FinTech Leaders?

Search Google for information on leadership attributes, and typically you’ll find the same collection of repeated advice - albeit reworded or approached... more

The Caspian One Awards 2017

At Caspian One we love celebrating success   We believe in the statement ‘We are a team - we are specialists - we are professional’   Throughout... more

Christmas Jumper Day at Caspian One

Each year in December, Caspian One helps to give children a healthy start in life by raising money to support Save the Children.   We do this by... more

New Year - Same Career?

With 365 days each year in which to consider a career change, why does the concept of ‘New Year, New You’ hold so-much weight? What is... more

What is 'Search and Select' Recruitment?

When it comes to using recruiters, who you choose to build a relationship with can make a huge difference to your success; an obvious statement... more

6 reasons to offer competitive employee benefits

If your intention is to compete for top tier FinTech candidates, simply offering a competitive salary package may no longer be enough.   In Canada... more

How do you leave a job on good terms?

The temptation to resign in style can be overwhelming.   While not all of us have the charisma to pull off an epic resignation like the individual... more

Guide to successfully negotiating salary packages

It’s inevitable.   At some point along the road to securing that new job, you’re going to be asked about salary expectations. It could... more
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